If you haven't watched a show yet then you definitely should!!

Magic may still be a young art in South Africa and people may still believe that magic and magicians are only for children's parties and kids events, but they are so wrong and this is seen at a little hidden gem called Cape Town Magic Club.

The number of professional working magicians in cape town and South Africa might surprise you, not that I have the exact number but believe me, there are many, and the number is above a hundred and that's just the pros.


There are thousands of hobbyist magicians in South Africa and if your keen to give it a go then go to www.magicinsane.ecwid.com, this is the first company to design and manufacture urban industrial magic products and apparel in South Africa. Yes, yes its a big word for organic magic lol, but I love the sound of it and yes I own the company and we are growing steadily but this ill come back to in another vlog, sorry!! but this Vlog is about the Cape Town Magic club, a little intimate magic theatre at the Artscape in Cape Town dedicated to the art of Magic in South Africa owned and run by Marcel Oudejans a Magician and Show Producer himself. 

I have known Marcel Oudejans personally for most of my career and his passion for the art is a large as mine, we are both working hard to establish the art as an entertainment form to be reckoned with in South Africa and we are getting there.


The Cape Town Magic club is in its 7th season this year ( 2018 ) and it's becoming a favourite place for Capetonians and visitors to our magical city from both South Africa and Abroad to go out for an evening of magic entertainment, The reviews have been amazing and they are now expanding their wings to various other parts of South Africa so if your reading this and your not living in our city go check out their site to see if they are any were near you.

The set up to the theatre is very much similar to a Comedy club with a line up of performers this show just being Magicians, Mentalists and Illusionists and not necessarily only magic artists from Cape Town but Magicians from across South Africa and at times Magicians from other countries.


I've popped a video from my online Vlog series Mindless that was filmed at the Cape Town Magic club a while back, hope you enjoy and if you have a Monday evening available take a look and see if there's a Monday Night Magic show happening at the Cape Town Magic Club and come and join us for an evening of wonder. 


Stay Inspired!
Russell Fox "Magician Insane"

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