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For many years, I’ve played the piano, guitar and numerous other musical instruments whether simply playing for friends and families at social gatherings or for those moments of self-reflection. But my performing spirit only truly came to life when I discovered the Art of Magic.


Russell was born to challenge audiences to live up to their potential. Allow him to headline your corporate event by weaving his own special brand of magic that will both inspire his listeners to alter their perspectives and motivate them to become more productive in every avenue of their lives.

Russell Fox’s passion for human perception leads him to offer key insights into how you can overcome the obstacles that life throws your way. He does this by challenging your perceptions of reality and daring you to dream the impossible. As a psychological Illusionist, he will showcase how your mindset can define your successes and influence whatever you see, experience, understand, and believe.


As a professional businessman, Russell Fox understands that your brand is valuable to you. As such, he offers the specialised service of a custom-crafted show to suit your specific needs, whether you are promoting your company, staging a special function, or releasing a new product.

He will create bespoke illusions and magical marvels to complement the focus of your function and ensure that your name stays in the minds of your guests for good. There is nothing that individualises your event quite like a unique effect with your stamp on it.

This distinctive service showcases the versatility of the Magician Insane brand and its ability to work for you to convey your message and tell your story.


If you are looking for an engaging event host or master of ceremonies with the skills and experience to effectively captivate your audience while managing the agenda, then Russell Fox is the man for the job. Not only does he have the charisma to charm the crowd, but his light-hearted and comedic demeanour will set them at ease from his first word to his last.

Russell incorporates his professional skills as an illusionist and mentalist to keep his crowd engaged - an experience that will live long in their memories. Let him bring the magic to your wedding, formal dinner, meeting, or function, and keep your crowd both laughing and gasping in amazement.


There is no better way to entertain your guests than in a relaxed and natural environment. Call on Russell to mingle amongst the tables in an intimate fashion or roam through your crowd of patrons performing remarkable feats with everyday inanimate objects around him.

Russell will use the magic of illusions to perform mind-blowing card tricks, make trinkets disappear, bend forks with his mind, and so much more. His brand of mentalism will leave people stunned when he reads their minds and performs other brain-busting feats.


Russell has harnessed the magic of the web to bring his illusions and mentalism to an international audience in a unique and engaging way. His virtual shows offer the best socially distanced entertainment around, providing mind-blowing experiences right there on your mobile device or computer screen, no matter where you are in the world.

The show has been specifically crafted to challenge your barriers of belief and show you that nothing is impossible, no matter how radical it may seem. Without any trick photography or movie effects, Russell’s authentic skills work to alter your perceptions of reality in this virtually intimate setting.


Give your event an exhilarating spin with South Africa’s foremost psychological illusionist and mentalist. The Magician Insane stage performance is more than just a magic show, as Russell Fox performs feats that surpass prop trickery and hat magic, to leave you challenging your understanding of what is real or not.

Russell’s stage show can cater to crowds of any size and is perfectly suited to your corporate conference, dinner banquet, staff function, concert, entertainment evening, or party. His blend of comedy, mind reading, telekinesis, magic, and illusion makes for a special brand of entertainment that will live long in the minds of his observers.


Russell Fox brings his unique style and positively mind-altering experiences with each performance he undertakes.
Your guests will leave feeling uplifted, invigorated and confident that they can rise above their own expectations!

If you would like to enquire about booking Russell Fox "Magician Insane" for a corporate event, product launch, private function, MC, wedding, or are interested in having a custom Illusion or effect designed for your function, launch or brand activation, please use the contact form.

Feel free to request a demo or to set up a meeting to discuss what Russell Fox can do for your company or brand in terms of Magic, Mentalism or Illusion Design for your event.

For any questions or bookings:

Contact Russell : +27 72 608 8115

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