What You Get

What you get in this six-week magic and mentalism masterclass

  • Six thought-provoking Magic & Mentalism Effects
  • Mind Reader: Pluck a thought from someone's mind by getting into their thoughts.
  • Bend: Cause a solid metal coin to bend in the hands of a spectator without ever touching it. 
  • Influencer: Influence a spectator to see a card in the deck that in actual fact was removed from the deck and placed in your back pocket before you even began.
  • Through: Cause four cards pinned together to pass straight through one other while sandwiched in a spectator's hands. 
  • Torn: Tear a card in half, then restore it in full view of the spectator.
  • Melt: Command a coin to melt through a solid deck of cards and stop on top of a signed selected card.
  • Watch and learn: Learn Russell's personal performance techniques and methodologies of each effect taught, broken down and explained straight from his personal live public performances.
  • Q&A Jam Session: Be a part of a jam and Q&A session with Russell Fo Magician Insane in a live stream once a week for the duration of the six weeks course.
  • Opening Night Show: To get you revved up to learn some crazy insane magic & mentalism, and super excited to start the six-week course enjoy a live online 30 Min performance from Russell Fox Magician Insane's virtual show Virtual Reality.

NB: Suited for ages 17 and older.

We all want to belong, To have our tribe

This is where you become a part of a community with South Africa's Top and most Inspiring Mentalist, Perceptionist, Magician, Psychological Illusionist & Endurance Artists.

Russell Fox Magician Insane.

In this six-week course, you will not only learn the secrets of the Magic Arts but discover the incredible tool that Magic is, learning from a master in the art.

Learn and Master Magic, Mentalism & Psychological Illusions that will add value to your and others' lives.

Russell Fox is the world record holder for his endurance stunt, The Glass Walker Challenge and tours nationally and internationally with his show Experiments.

He hosts one of the top-selling online shows, Virtual Reality, that raises funds for the Nero Diverse. He Inspires Corporate Companies in his Live and Online Motivational Show & Talk Dream The Impossible, designs and builds illusions for product launches and rebrands, and Designs Life Changing Teambuilding programs, all with the art of Magic and Illusion. 

Book your seat to his master class today and don't only learn how to do Magic, Mentalism or How to Read Minds.

Become a part of your Tribe.

Welcome to THE TRIBE

Coming Soon!

The Tribe Subscription Membership.

Sign up for The Tribe Discord once you have booked your six-week course and discover more about the Art of Magic, Mentalism, Illusion, Endurance Stunts, Busking, Street Theatre, and more. 

A place where you can jam and connect with all other magicians apart of The Tribe, motivating and learning together.

In the tribe discord, you will learn a new effect every month and be invited to discussions and interviews with other professional magicians, business coaches, mentors, Life Style Coaches and other professionals like Russell Fox Magician Insane sharing various topics about the Magic Arts and Industry, plus the various avenues the Industry has to offer and more. 

Book your seat and become the life of any party.

Free to all course goers till the end of 2022

Get your tickets before they sell out. Seating is limited!

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