It is crucial to align the goals for the event or corporate function with the skill set and style of the person you are looking to hire. Russell Fox  is a master when it comes to being an entertainer and professional presenter.Russell is an enthusiastic engagement expert who is able to facilitate a culture of connection for the  functions attendees. Choosing the correct MC is so crucial for your event as when the wrong one is selected it can lead to real dissapointment. Booking Russell Fox provides you with the peace of mind that one of the best master of ceremonies in Africa is going to be at on stage at your event instantly adding to the credibility and authenticity of the funche credibility and authenticity of the function. Also please bear in mind that a speaker is not normally a professional MC although Russell is both  a profesional Speaker and master of ceremonies it is important to bear in mind that their is a difference between the two areas.

he credibility and authenticity of the function.If the event is of high importance and will provide entertainment to the highest standard then the MC should actually be incorporated and treated as a team member in the months which lead up to the event. They should be informed of the strategy that is going to be implemented in the event planning. To ensure that the MC or master of ceremonies is up to date with the latest happenings and event information we strongly recommend keeping the MC updated with all relevant information alongside regular calls and even the occasional meeting just to ensure that everyone’s thinking is aligned perfectly.


Russell is an experienced events Master of Ceremonies who has worked extensively in South Africa and abroad. He has a proven track record in delivering successful events and is passionate about making every event he works on a success.

Russell is a highly skilled and experienced events professional who knows how to work a crowd and keep them entertained. He is also a great communicator and will work closely with you to ensure that your event runs smoothly and according to plan.

If you are looking for an experienced, reliable and absolutely briliant Master of Ceremonies for your next event in South Africa, then look no further than Russell. Where else can you find a professional and internationally reknowned mentalist and magician who has the ability to act as the master of ceremonies for some of the biggest events?  Contact him today to discuss your requirements and he will be sure to make your event one to remember!tion.


  • Russell is a World record holder for glass walking, he walked on a 20 meter bed of broken glass for 36.8 Km in 29 hours.
  • He is globally recognized at the top Mentalist & Perceptionst, Psychological Illusionist, Magician and Endurance Artist in SA.
  • Leading Magic & Illusion Designer.
  • Motivational Speaker, Psychological Teambuilding Designer and Facilitator .
  • International Touring Show – Experiments
  • International Touring Virtual Show – Virtual Reality
  • Has Faced and Continues to Overcome Neurological Disorders and Disabilities- Epilepsy, ADHD. Dyslexia, Mild form of Turrets. Declared Ineducable, was told I would never Read, Write, Work or Drive.

Master Of Ceremonies

Leading South African Master Of Ceremonies

Looking for a Master of Ceremonies in South Africa? Look no further than Russell Fox who has kept audiences alive and brilliantly engaged for many years! Russell is a professional master of ceremonies and has achieved great success in this area of his business and brand over many years.
The Magician Insane Brand by Russell Fox is known throughout Africa and the world for that matter associated with mind-blowing magic, mentalism and endurance stunts. Russell’s dynamic and captivating nature ensures that your event will be handled by a true professional who is more than qualified and capable in all areas of entertainment and speaking to handle your event’s highly important master of ceremonies position.

Some of the event types that Russell provides MC services for include:

– Corporate events & shows

– Conferencing

– Private Events

– MC / MC & Entertainment

– Brand Activations

– Team Building Workshops

– Weddings

– Show Design

– Fund Raising Initiatives


If you are looking for an engaging event host or master of ceremonies with the skills and experience to effectively captivate your audience while managing the agenda, then Russell Fox is the man for the job. Not only does he have the charisma to charm the crowd, but his light-hearted and comedic demeanour will set them at ease from his first word to his last.

Russell incorporates his professional skills as an illusionist and mentalist to keep his crowd engaged – an experience that will live long in their memories. Let him bring the magic to your wedding, formal dinner, meeting, or function, and keep your crowd both laughing and gasping in amazement. Book Russell Fox for your next event directly through this website


The role of the Master of ceremonies is to ensure that the event runs smoothly and according to plan. They are responsible for introducing the speakers, keeping the event on schedule and making announcements. The Master of ceremonies will also often take on the role of entertainment, keeping the guests engaged and ensuring that they have a good time.

It is always a good idea to include or hire a professional Master of Ceremonies for your corporate or private event. The selection of this professional is also something that needs high importance. This is precisely the area that Russell Fox will assist you by making it a certain fact that you have booked a true industry professional who is experienced and qualified perfectly to suit the role to compliment your events entertainment line-up.

Watch Russell Fox Magician Insane In Action

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