His performance repertoire includes some of the most profound and amazing companies, television series’ and people such as The Prince Of Saudi Arabia, Carlo MacFarlane (Backstage)Mac StanleyArno CarstensCarol Bouwer, Fishy Fashions (SABC3), My Super Sweet World Class (MTV EUROPE) and Emo Adams – JOU SHOW (M-Net).

If you’re looking for a unique motivational entertainment experience and life-altering motivational talk for your company and teams then look no further, Russell Fox will leave you and your guests with a mind-shifting psychological experience that you’re sure to never forget. His performances break the confines of what is possible, and what reality looks like and showcases how truly powerful and awesome the human mind can be when unlocked and focused.

As a versatile artist, his abilities propel his performances to many different aspects within the field. Russell Fox offers a variety of different shows including (but not limited to) MC’ing, Magic workshops, and Corporate Team Building making him one of the most dynamic and influential magical artists in South Africa.


  • Russell is a World record holder for glass walking, he walked on a 20 meter bed of broken glass for 36.8 Km in 29 hours.
  • He is globally recognized at the top Mentalist & Perceptionst, Psychological Illusionist, Magician and Endurance Artist in SA.
  • Leading Magic & Illusion Designer.
  • Motivational Speaker, Psychological Teambuilding Designer and Facilitator .
  • International Touring Show – Experiments
  • International Touring Virtual Show – Virtual Reality
  • Has Faced and Continues to Overcome Neurological Disorders and Disabilities- Epilepsy, ADHD. Dyslexia, Mild form of Turrets. Declared Ineducable, was told I would never Read, Write, Work or Drive.


Leading South African Motivational Speaker

Russell Fox Magician Insane uses the art of magic, and his story of overcoming an array of Neurological disorders and disabilities to become the leading mentalist, perceptionist and psychological illusions and thriving businessman in his Motivational Show & Talk, Dream The Impossible to inspire as a Corporate motivational speaker and will motivate your employees and help your business grow.

Based in South Africa, Russell was born to challenge audiences to live up to their potential. Russell integrates his special brand of magic to both inspire his listeners to alter their perspectives and motivate them to become more productive in every avenue of their personal lives and the corporate environment.

Russell welcomes you on a journey that will inspire you and your team. Using his passion of human perception leads Russell to offer key insights into how you can overcome the obstacles that life throws your way. Russell integrates inspiration with his awe-inspiring mentalism & magic to create a motivational performance and experience that will inspire employees to become and do better in the corporate setting. Each of his motivational talks is tailor-made for a specific audience or organization. As one of South Africa’s most prestigious Mentalists & Psychological Magicians, Russell will create a positive and long-lasting impression on your organization’s employee’s minds.

If you have been searching for a motivational speaker that will create a truly memorable and inspiring effect, take this opportunity to book one of South Africa’s top inspirational speakers for your next event not limited but including.

  •  Corporate conferences
  •  Corporate Seminars, Webinars, Teleseminars
  •  Tailor-made corporate workshops
  • Corporate Weekend/ Week long Summits

Watch Russell Fox Magician Insane In Action

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