Its funny how one’s path when met with passion can lead you to meet the most amazing people. I recall sitting down with Gabriela, an amazing lady, who had been following and watching my growth and stubborn determination to succeed from afar.

She mentioned to me that she always admired me for my passion and hard work but due to her exclusivity in working with another Magician, she could not assist further than encouragement and positive energy.

I truly respect that about her – her loyalty and honour. A rare thing these days.

Many years later, as God would have it, we were able to join forces due to her previous partnership having ended abruptly.
We got to chatting over a coffee, a meeting that I’ll never forget.

We sat down and ordered our drinks and as it goes, if I’m blessed then I like to return the blessings. I shared an effect with our waitress and it instantly brightened up her day.

Gabriela looks at me and says, “So Russell I know what you do and how good you are, but that’s not what I’m interested in. Tell me your story.” I did. This would be the first time that I would share my story with anyone other than family and friends. It started when I was a young child, born with Epilepsy, Asthma and many other challenges. Later, I would discover that I was also Dyslexic and labelled as “ineducable”.

I was told that I would never live a normal life, that I wouldn’t be able to work, to drive, etc. Even more so later in life, I found out that I was also living with a mild form of Tourette’s.

The Tourette’s only flares up when I’m stressed, eating badly or not taking care of myself so it became a warning to me rather than an illness.

I become aware and with that awareness, I found self-responsibility and determination.

The dyslexia forced me to look for other ways and tools to educate myself and through this process, I discovered that I don’t fit the type that the Education and Medical industries seem to easily throw around in search of labelling.

It wasn’t long before I found myself on stage, sharing my stories as an entertainer, MC and motivational speaker, using Mentalism to help people understand how their perception of themselves, their lives and environment ultimately influence and govern their very existence.

I Use My Art To Inspire People

To help them overcome their obstacles – mental, physical or psychological – and truly become the incredible people they are destined to be.

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