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The Performer

My spirit lives to perform.

For many years, I’ve played the piano, guitar and numerous other musical instruments – whether simply playing for friends and families at social gatherings or for those moments of self-reflection. But my performing spirit only truly came to life when I discovered the Art of Magic.

The Derren Brown of South Africa
Cipla Pharmaceuticals
The Hottest Mentalist South Africa has ever seen!
Carl Waistee
Radio Personality - Good Hope FM
It is clear that you are in a league of your own!
Wayne McKay
Bush Radio Presenter and Stand-Up Comedian
Nothing short of absolutely phenomenal! Profoundly mind blowing ability to alter your physiological experience.
Daikin United Kingdom
You and your team displayed absolute professionalism and put on a show that will not be forgotten, impressing a calibre of people that are used to the highest standards.
Tina Jordaan
Customer Relationship Manager Forsdicks BMW
What a fantastic Illusionist!
Without a doubt, one of South Africa's top performers.
Rob Pendlebury
Director - My Super Sweet World Class (MTV Europe)
Russell got us all stumped! speechless
Candice O’Neill
HashTag Radio Presenter
Russell can count himself among the greats, up their with the likes of Penn & Teller
Will Scott
VP Altantic Beach Toast Masters

Magic is about creating moments of wonder
and reigniting the imagination of your audience.

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Their responses serve as a positive and uplifting driving force for me. It wasn’t long before I decided to commit the rest of my life to pursuing this path, the life of the performer - a life less ordinary and lived in the moment. I immediately resigned from my job, a job that I hated to follow a career doing something that I loved with so much passion.

I contacted my mentor Jacques and told him about my new viewpoint for my life. He told me to join him at the V&A Waterfront and thus I began my first foray into the world of busking. First in restaurants roaming the tables and performing for tips and then later onto the street stages of the Waterfront for theatre on the outside. Street magic and Busking taught me how to become more than just a performer – it taught me how to master my craft.


I create unforgettable moments and experiences for Corporate Events, Conferences, Private Functions & Weddings – virtually any kind of event that you can imagine!

The ability to perform and motivate is a beautiful gift that increases in value with each moment shared. It’s a way to envelope your life in a world of your own, a way to relate and communicate emotions and experiences with a vast array of people and ultimately a world best spent sharing with others. Each show holds a special place in my heart as I expand my craft and experience with every performance.

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