Magician Insane proudly presents some of South Africa's best live performances

We all know exactly how important it is to select the right perfomer for your event. Especially when it comes to a live stage show it is critical that your choice in a suitable performer is spot-on. This can be quite a task as it is not easy to find anybody who can in reality match Russell in terms of what he brings to his live performances.

The man is a legend within his industry and on an international level having achieved world records and been recognised as one of the worlds leading magicians and psychological mentalists. More than that he delivers each and every time which ensures that your crowd will be entertained and remarkably satisfied.

Russell is also just a great individual and making a booking direct is a hassle free experience. You will find dealing with the Magician Insane team a total breeze and one thing can be left a certainty - Your events entertainment will be a resounding success

Russell Fox performing live

Give your event an exhilarating spin with South Africa’s foremost psychological illusionist and mentalist. The Magician Insane stage performance is more than just a magic show, as Russell Fox performs feats that surpass prop trickery and hat magic, to leave you challenging your understanding of what is real or not.

Russell’s stage show can cater to crowds of any size and is perfectly suited to your

  • corporate conference
  • Dinner banquet
  • Staff function
  • concert
  • entertainment evening 
  • party

His blend of comedy, mind reading, telekinesis, magic, and illusion makes for a special brand of entertainment that will live long in the minds of his observers.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of watching a live performance by Russell Fox. There's a certain energy and excitement that comes from witnessing the famous magician and incredible mentalist, Russel Fox perform. But what exactly makes his live performances so special? Well it could be his remarkably insane and influential mentalism that he has crafted over many decades of experience. It could also be due to Russell's ability to perfectly adapt to the crowd and the environment for the particular show which sees him perform custom magic and mind-bending illusions that are almost tailor made for the crowd.

To put it mildly Russell is a true superstar with a dynamic personality that promises beyond any doubt to light up the stage and leave your audience amazed.

Exhilarating stage shows and performances

Russell's high energy and electric vibe and personality means that there is something for everyone within his live performances on stage. Seeing a show live is an exhilarating experience that can't be replicated, so be sure to see Magician Insane perform live - Bookings can now be made directly through our website or check out the different shows Russell currently offers here.

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