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The dinner theatre experience that will not only leave you in awe but send you home confused and inspired all in one little bundle.  To understand this, you'll just simply have to watch the show, and of course, eat the food and drink some coffee!

But make sure you do this before the show starts, so you don't find yourself eating and gasping in sheer shock and confusion from utter disbelief of Russell's insane psychological, persuasive and influential abilities. We wouldn't want you to choke and pass out.

Passing out means you'll miss it, and it's all so damn amazing you won't want to miss a second of the entire show.

Russell Fox: Magician Insane, Africa's only Insane and Inspiring Mentalist, Perceptionist and Psychological Illusionist brings you the first mind-blowing show directed, produced and inspired over, under, in and around coffee, with way too much caffeine.

With the cost of having kids due to school, CrossFit, gymnastics, clothing, feeding their ongoing bottomless pit, pocket money, iPads, music lessons, treats, daddy or mommy dates, camping trips, driving them to and from anything and everything, plus the exorbitant prices of birthday presents, Christmas gifts that Santa didn't pay a damn cent for, the tooth fairy, easter bunny and every other fairy tale that came to life, Russell understood and the Experiments Dinner Theatre Experience was born.

It just made sense that the show should be performed in Cafes & Theatres, and so the story begins.

Being the Mentalist that he is, Russell decided to bring the theatre to them, and with dinner included, at a price they could all afford. That's crazy, right?! Plus, there's free parking! Now you can afford to hire a baby sitter too...

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